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Consulting Services

Building critical business intelligence, crucial for market governance has never been easy. Our highly trained consultants, with their domain specific expertise, are united, in our commitment to facilitate your effective decision making. Ethocle Reports identifies new avenues to successfully establish and run your business. Our market research partners are best in their field of expertise.

Custom Research

We help our customers with market analysis, strategic planning, target market analysis, insights and innovation, competitive intelligence and financial analysis. All custom research is carried out after completely understanding the requirements of the clients. We have at our disposal the best domain specialists and data analysts, who provide our clients reports that are most apt for them.

Industry Reports

Keeping in pace with the business environment we keep our clients updated with our ever increasing research report database. Our off the shelf, syndicated research which keeps a track of all business updates, key players, key markets, economical scenario and financial standing of the various industrial domains that we cater to.

Market Monitoring

Our subscription and newsletters help you keep track on the most updated and monitored data. Our unique monthly market monitoring helps our customers avail the resources of top research publications to cater to their monthly data mine that facilitates easy decision making. Being leaders in your field requires constant surveillance, on latest trends, product launches, regional market events, strategic policies. We are a support mechanism that helps our clients achieve the same.

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